Spring 2014 // Vol. 2, No. 1

Welcome to our latest issue of FORUM! From two academic teams comes reports on their original research about newly identified oral bacteria and anodized versus non-anodized screws after autoclave sterilization. Then, learn about how dental education is writing its new chapter. See all that and more in our latest issue. Don’t forget to subscribe!


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Call for Papers: Forum for Dental Student Research and Innovation
We are looking for your work right now! If you are working on original research, please consider publishing it in our journal. See our guidelines, and contact Melissa Tennen at mtennen@aegiscomm.com.
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Scientists Disagree on Responsible Research
New research from the University of Copenhagen reveals that scientists themselves place great emphasis on behaving responsibly; they just disagree on what social responsibility in science entails.
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After-Effects of Oral Cancer Surgery Forces Patients into Unemployment and Depression
Cancer patients are being forced into unemployment due to the after-effects of surgery and higher levels of depression.
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Paper Analyzes Rare Bone Diseases and Their Dental, Oral, and Craniofacial Manifestations
In this insightful and thorough review, researchers focused on dental, oral and craniofacial manifestations of rare bone diseases.
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Osteoporosis Risk Heightened Among Sleep Apnea Patients
A diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea may raise the risk of osteoporosis, particularly among women or older individuals, according to a new study.
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